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Simona Rotaris Cabochons are great for Soutache, bead weaving, and making beautiful jewelry.

These cabochons can be drilled with a Dremel drill to put in jump rings or whatever you want to hang it by.

She uses polymer clay and meticulously paints the pieces with a small paintbrush.  These are one of kind, you may see a different design with the same colors, but there is only one of each style. This will guarantee you that you will be the only one with this type of style and piece of jewelry.

There are 10 pieces to this set. The colors are blue/purple/yellow/pink/reds. 

2 rectangle pieces, 2 round pieces, 2 black/white cabochons, 2 drop beads drilled horizontally, and 2 crystals.

Sizes: (approximate sizes)

Main Focals:  37 mm X 25.8 mm

Round blue/purple cabochons: 12.3 mm

Round black stripe on white cabochons: 12 mm

Round  Crystals Volcano: 8 mm

Long drop beads dark blue pearlescent 30 mm X 9.6 mm




Polymer Clay

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